Punjab Red Cross guided and helped 4 years old girl to apply under ADIP Scheme for Cochlear Implant Surgery.

Ms. Jasnoor Kaur (4 years old) was struggling with hearing problem since birth. The Doctors suggested for the Cochlear Implant Surgery. The family tried alot to treat her illness but, due to financial problem they were unable to afford her surgery.
The family approached the Vice Chairman of Indian Red Cross (Shri Avinash Rai Khanna ji) for help. Under the able guidance of Vice Chairman of Indian Red Cross, Punjab State Red Cross helped and guided the family of Ms. Jasnoor Kaur to apply under ADIP (Assistance to Disabled Person) Scheme for Cochlear Implant Surgery. Punjab Red Cross helped the family in submission of necessary document and coordinated with the officials of ADIP. It is informed that Surgery of Ms. Jasnoor Kaur is performed successfully under ADIP Scheme on 20th March, 2022 at Shri Guru Ramdas Hospital Amritsar The total cost of the surgery is Rs.8.5 lakhs which is done free of cost under ADIP Scheme. Punjab Red Cross also helped and arranged the Pre-operative Vaccination for Ms. Jasnoor Noor.
Now, the child is fit and healthy. The family thanked the Vice Chairman Shri Avinash Rai Khanna ji and Punjab Red Cross team for their efforts.