Consultation form for Covid-19 Patients


Punjab State Red Cross Chandigarh launched a Helpline to address the queries of the Covid affected persons during the first two variants  of the Covid Pandemic with the active support of the Strategic  Institute of Public Health Education & Research SIPHER. The Helpline was temporarily halted due to considerable decline in the cases.

          Now anticipating the likely start of 3rd Wave of Covid, The helpline has been reactivated. Anybody who needs any Covid/vaccination related query may contact the Helpline numbers as per schedule of available doctors .

Punjab Red Cross conveys thanks to doctors who joins it’s Helpline

Punjab Red Cross in collaboration with SIPHER & Deptt of Community Medicines PGI MER has launched a Helpline for covid-19 patients for providing free tele consultation to the needy.
38 eminent personalities including Doctors and technical staff have been associated with the Helpline.
Till 31st May 2021, we are able to provide free tele consultation to 1051 persons through this Helpline*.

Punjab Red Cross honored these panelists for joining our Helpline by organizing a simple but significant function. Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna National Vice Chairman IRCS Nhq and Dr. G.B. Singh, DHS, Pb cum Vice Chairman Punjab Red Cross were present on the occasion as chief guest and guest of honor.

Some glimpses are as under ?

Kindly fill the consultation form or send the following details through whatsapp messages:-