Punjab State Red Cross Computer Centre, Chandigarh

Admissions open for Punjab State Red Cross Computer Centre. Computer Classes starting from 01 July, 2024.

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                              QUOTATIONS INVITED


Quotations are invited from the Local Firms for providing Tenting (Tables / Chairs / Bedding), Meals/Refreshments  as per Menu placed below separately for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner alongwith Morning & Evening Tea for 50 to 250 campers for the Camps to be organised by Punjab State Red Cross in other States like UP,  Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh & Haryana  etc. on or before 18th June 2024 by 3:00 PM .  The lowest rates to be quoted by the firms will be applicable upto 31st March, 2025.

Sr No. Date Breakfast Tea Lunch Tea 4:00 Pm Dinner
1. First Day Prantha , Achar , Tea Tea Kadi Pakora Rice Jeera , Aloo Gobhi , Roti Tea, Buiscuit Dal Chana, Rice Veg, Roti, Seasonable Veg. , Achar
2. Second Day Bread Butter/Jam, Tea Tea Dal Mah, Rice Jeera, Roti, Salad , Matar Paneer Tea Buiscuit Dal Arhar, Rice,Roti,Seasonable Veg., Achar, Halwa Suji
3. Third Day Alu Puri, Tea, Achar Tea Rajmah Masala, Rice Veg, roti, Salad, Seasonable Veg. Tea Buiscuit Dal Dry, Rice, Samber, Roti , Achar
4. Fourth Day Dalia, Tea, Bread Simple Tea Chana Pindi, Veg Pulao, Roti, Seasonable veg,Salad , Custurd Tea Mix Pakora Noodles, Manchurian, Roti, Salad .
5. Fifth Day Bread Pakora Chutni , Tea Tea Mah Sabut Dal, Veg Pulao, Roti, Salad, Kheer, Mattar Paneer Tea Cutlet Dal Pachrangi, Mix Veg, Rice , Roti, Sala























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