Indian Red Cross Society Punjab State Branch in collaboration with District Tuberculosis Centre and Indian Red Cross Society District Branch Amritsar organized an awarness camp that included “Nukkad Natak on How TB is being spread and how it can be cured” and “Distribution of Nutrition Kits(Ration)” on January 19, 2024, in the District Tuberculosis Centre,Amristar. The main objective of the event was to spread awareness among the people suffering with TB . They conveyed a powerful message through their performance. In a typical street play style, they performed scenes that depicted the general attitude towards TB patients and also told about the psychological drama of stigmatization and discrimination.This unique exposure not only enlightened them on aspects of self-reliance and teamwork but sensitized the public to the misconception of how TB is spread.  At the end, Nutrition Kits (Ration) were also distributed to Patients suffering with TB. Total beneficiaries: approx 50.

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